Vyalian Elves

The Vyalia Elves are reclusive and prefer to be left in isolation, so that they may focus on their studies of life, nature, and the arcane. Their belief is that they must live within the balance of nature and they must serve and protect nature and life. They believe that life energies exist within each stone and within each tree.

They inhabit a vast forest that crosses the border between Free Traldar and the Thyatian province of Vyalia.  It is a deep, dark forest of tall redwoods, cedars and other ancient trees.   They patrol it relentlessly to keep it free of the marauding humanoids who inhabit the portion of the forest that lies within Free Traldara – where it is known as the Dymrak.

Vyalian elves believe in strong mental discipline, and are able to suppress their instinctive emotions, desires, and opinions. The Vyalia consider expression of strong emotion rather offensive.

The Vyalia wish to always take action rather than procrastinate on a task. This is different than the typical elf who might choose to take years to complete a single work of art.

The Vyalia are protected by foresters called Vishainii. These elves dedicate their lives to the cause of protecting life, nature and the Vyalia forest.  They act as scouts and reconnaissance as they patrol and protect the forest.

Vyalian Elves

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