Valerias (Patroness of Love, Girder On of Weapons)

The Patroness of Love, Valerias is considered fiery, passionate and fickle.  Often depicted as a beautiful woman, she is thought to take an interest in mortal romances, particularly if they are doomed.  Thought to provide help to lovers in distress she is also known as the "Girder on of Weapons."  Naturally, she finds a following in Ierendi, a place where the people are frequently given over to pursuing passion, and her temples are ubiquitous throughout the Thyatian Empire, a place where the elite are often given over to intrigues.

Domains:  Thought, Light

Symbol: a delicate rose with sharp thorns.

Followers Alignment: Any, but mostly Neutral or Chaotic

Immortal Feat:  Valerias' clerics may trade an ASI for the ability to cast Charm Person a number of times equal to his or her CHA modifier per long rest.

Valerias (Patroness of Love, Girder On of Weapons)

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