Thyatian Immortals

Thyatians have a vast pantheon of gods and are inclined to cultic worship and hero worship.  Few Thyatian cities or towns, however small, are without a temple to one or more gods.  Often the cults of ancient heroes and demi-gods of Thyatis are as powerful as those of full-fledged gods.  Interestingly, Thyatians happily adopt local gods when they colonize a new land.  Thyatians living in Free Traldara have adopted veneration of The Three Heroes of Traldara and a few, small cults have sprung up around the more warlike Immortals of the Northern Reaches amongst settlers in Norwold

Ixion (Energy); known as Solarios

Terra (Matter); known as Djaea



Valerias (Patroness of Love, Girder On of Weapons)



Minor Thyatian Immortals

Thyatian Immortals

Fury of the Immortals DNDENCDM