Orc Markings

While searching Elyas' Tower the party engaged a group of aggressive orcs.  Swinging axes with deadly accuracy, they were defeated by the combined efforts of the party.   Its possible they were there to search for the Fire Opal Eye, Elyas' treasure or simply wandered there randomly out of The Broken Lands.  The party did not get a chance to ask questions.  Still, their hide armor did bear strange markings that resembled a black sun or star. 

Kota-Hutan Elder: The Kota-Hutan elder's mood visibly darkened when you mentioned to him the strange markings found on the orcs slain in the Temple and gnolls slain at Corran Keep.  They are the markings of followers and cultists dedicated to "Old Ones" – strange alien gods that appear to exist apart from the Spheres of Power of the Immortals.  The more dedicated their followers become, the more likely they are to rend one another to pieces in orgiastic bloodletting. 

He warned that it is easy to unwittingly fall under the sway of these predatory entities by pursuing personal gain and power through selfish or evil acts.  Once one begins down this path, it is near impossible to return unscathed. 

He is deeply concerned these beings, through their followers, appear to be interested in artifacts of great power – particularly those artifacts that seem to related to breaking down the barriers between the planes.

Orc Markings

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