Ixion (Energy)

Ixion represents the power of the Sun in all its glory and has been followed by mortals since the most ancient times. While his followers seek after the light of knowledge, they can also be fiery and passionate.  He dictates a simple ethical code to his followers, seek peace, but be harsh in war, deny aid to the forces of Entropy and give Ixion his due.   He is easily offended, but quick to forgive.  Ixion is the most widely worshipped of all the Immortals, with the possible exception of Terra.   As such, he is known by many names, such as Solarios in sun-drenched Thyatis and Tubak the Lawgiver amongst the Ethengar. Some legends even hold that Ixion is the father the centaur race, so he is even revered by many forest creatures and centaurs. 

Domains:  Energy, Light

Symbol: a flaming wheel

Followers Alignment: Any

Immortal Feat:  Ixion's clerics, paladins and druids may trade an ASI to cause disadvantage for Undead creatures saving against the cleric's Turn Undead ability and learn the Druid Cantrip Produce Flame if they do not already know it.

Ixion (Energy)

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