Ierendian Immortals

The Immortals of the Ierendi are as loud and colorful as the denizens of the happy go lucky nation and vary widely.  Ierendi have many outside influences given the many travelers that visit the Isles, but they are also given over to worship of Immortals whose interests are similar to their own.  

In spite of the many influences, religious practice in Ierendi centers around an official “church” called the People’s Temple.  Local congregations of the People’s Temple elect which Immortals to follow, though Chardastes is the clear favorite, and clergy of the Temple focus on healing and the healing arts.  Of course, the love goddess Valerias, the sun god Ixion, the hedonistic Faunus, and Protius the sea god have a large followings in the island nation.  Due to its proximity to Ylaruam, the followers of Al-Kalim have also made inroads among some Ierendi.



Ixion (Energy)

Protius -




Ierendian Immortals

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