Healing and HIt Dice

A character cannot spend any Hit Dice to heal during a short rest unless someone expends one use from a Healer’s Kit to treat the character’s wounds. 

If the person administering the treatment makes a DC20 Medicine check, the character heals the maximum amount for each Hit Dice spent.  For example, 8 hit points for a D8 Hit Dice.

During a long rest, a character does not heal completely, but may heal up to their maximum number of Hit Dice.  For example, a character with 4 D8 Hit Dice rolls 4D8 after a long a rest.  During a long rest, a character can regain half of any spent Hit Dice.

When stabilizing a dying character, a character proficient with Medicine and using a Healer’s Kit has advantage on their ability check.  If the character is not proficient in Medicine, but is proficient with a Healer’s Kit, they can add their proficiency bonus to their roll as normal.

Healing and HIt Dice

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