eligibility to participate in politics


Total Wealth (in gold Daros) Level of Participation
Under 15,000 Non-voting citizen
15,000 Voting Citizen
25,000 Local Office
75,000 Regional Appointee
150,000 Outer Council
250,000 National Appointee
1,000,000 Inner Council
3,000,000 Chancellor

Voting Citizens can vote for all offices in the city or town in which he lives, the Outer Council member that represents his geographical area and the Chancellor.

Local Offices include Mayor, Town, Village or City Council and a variety of administrative posts.

Outer Council members represent one of 37 regions of the Darokin Heartland.  They can also make regional appointments, many of which are honorary.

National Appointees fill such roles as leading trade delegations, hearing judicial appeals and planning future development and expansion.

These daro value requirements are only for elected and some appointed positions.  Government employees, like soldiers, clerks, town guards and builders are taken from all strata of society.  Naturally, the most menial jobs are typically help by the poorest members of society.  Also, Outer Council and Inner Council members have the right to appoint someone to a position, even if that person does not meet the wealth requirement.

eligibility to participate in politics

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