The Alphatians are not known for their devotion to the gods nor for any particular religious spirit, given that ruling the empire is a caste of spell casters who only acknowledge the power of magic. For that reason the arcane aristocrats of Alphatia do not see the Immortals as a model of perfection, but as points of reference that can be followed in order to achieve a higher power. However, given the low number of Alphatians that are born with a natural gift for arcane magic, devotion to Immortals has spread among the common class.


The Patroness of Alphatia is often depicted as a young, beautiful, copper-skinned Alphatian woman wearing poor-quality robes, barefoot and wearing no jewelry.  In spite of Alphatia's expansionist leanings, her followers are pacifists dedicated to the study of magic.

Domains:  Energy, Knowledge

Symbol: a glowing shield

Followers Alignment: Alphatia's clerics are typically Lawful or Neutral.

Immortal Feat:  Alphatia's clerics and paladin's may trade an ABI for advantage on Saving Throws versus spells and magical effects.


The Patron of the insular Alphatian client kingdom of Shiye -Lawr elves.  His followers prize the pursuit of magic, mischief and passion setting themselves apart from most Mystaran elves.

Domains: Energy, Trickery

Symbol: a golden crown embossed with frolicking forest creatures.

Followers Alignment: typically Chaotic or Neutral.

Immortal Feat:  Eiryndul's clerics, paladins and druids may trade an ABI for proficiency in Investigation and advantage on searches for traps or secret doors.


Known as the Patron of Peach and Prosperity, Koryis tens to be venerated more by the merchants and diplomats of Alphatia rather than the ruling magic-users.  His followers are pacifists, which lead some others to see them as naive.  He also has a significant following in the Thyatian possession of Ochalea.

Domains: Life

Symbol: a hand held palm forward, fingers up

Followers Alignment: Lawful

Immortal Feat:  Koryis' clerics and paladins may trade an ABI for the power to cast Protection from Evil and Good at will.


Absorbed from an ancient culture conquered by the Alphatians, Razud has become an important patron of the Alphatians.  His followers value self sufficiency and the courage to forge ahead.

Domains:  Matter, Light

Symbol: the Granite Tree

Followers Alignment: Lawful

Immortal Feat:  none


Patron of combat and warriors.

Domains: War

Symbol: a sword on a shield

Follower's Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Immortal Feat:  none


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