A barbarian from the north that wanders the Known World


In a realm unheard of, when great kingdoms lay spread across Mystara like blue mantles across the night sky — Glantri, Darokin, Thyatis, Alphatia, Rockhome and its many Dwarven forges, Ethengar whose nomadic horselords ride with silk and steel, Ylaruam with its endless desert waste, Heldan with its knights and chivalry, Alfheim and its ancient elven lords. But one kingdom stood youngest among them all, the Free Lands of Traldara. Hither came Caelnach, dark haired, sullen-eyed, bronze skinned, champion of the people of Traldara, reaver, sellsword, thief, and conqueror. Set upon to walk Mystara with great mirth and melancholies as he treads his feet upon the jeweled earth.


Traldara stands free and before this his great rival the evil wizard Thusla Hagnar lies dead. Caelnach growing tireless of the comforts of civilization once again ventured out to continue his wanderings across the great kingdoms of Mystara. He competed against great thieves wrestling free the baubles of Alphatian nobles, he won prestige participating in the Great Hunts of the Vyalian Elves, second place winner of the great drinking games of Rockhome, captain of sellswords famously known as the “Bear’s Bastards” to the petty merchants of Darokin, imprisoned in the great lava prisons of the Minothrad Guilds only to escape to the sea taking on the life of a pirate to the infamous “Queen of the Dread Coast” as they reave through the high seas, and that is where his wanderlust faced an unexpected turn, love.

Caelnach has bedded many women in his days, but never did he find love until he met the Queen of the Dread Coast, Nelyet. Together they became a terror of the high seas as stories spread like wild fire of the Queen and her lover the “Sea Bear.” Caelnach had all he could have ever wanted: men who are loyal, the freedom of the high seas, and a women who he can call his equal

But the gods feel keen on punishing one who lives so defiant to their whims. Off an island in the jungle coast of Davania they took port to restock on food and water. Caelnach and his crew wandered deep into the jungle in search for game and came upon an ancient ruin built before the first elves took their steps into the Known World. Curious of what treasures may lay inside, Caelnach and his men ventured inside. Upon locating the greatest treasure horde he has ever seen an old seal was opened and the last of an elder race set itself upon the crew of the “Maiden’s Spear.” All was slain before it, but Caelnach warded the creature from taking him too. As the creature fled he can see its heading clear, it was going towards the Maiden’s Spear.

With great haste Caelnach pursued the creature, but it was too late. The entire crew manning the ship was slaughtered by the beast, and before him he saw the women he loved, The Queen of the Dread Coast, Nelyet, hung by the ships yardarm.

The battle was quick and merciless. The beast was cleaved in two and laid overboard to rot in its island ruin.

Caelnach is still a young man yet he has experienced the life of a dozen lesser men. Above all his experiences came his torrential love affair with the Darokin lady turned pirate queen of the Dread Coast, Nelyet. She was, the love of his life. In the short time they sailed together Caelnach could not picture a better life. He was happy, he was content, he was complete.

Now it must be something else other than love and happiness that drives Caelnach. Something more than the caress of a female and the pleasure given or the pleasures found. For will Caelnach ever love again?

Not like this.

Never again.

He is driven by the sword now. A life of harshness with little remorse to the lives of the civilized weak. A life seeking out enemies and seeing them destroyed. Part of Caelnach died on the day of Nelyet’s death.

He has grown sick of the sea. He never wishes to become a reaver ever again. He landed in a small Thyatian settlement in Davania, burnt the Maiden’s Spear with Nilyet and all of the treasure they amassed in their adventuring, and took passage back to the Known World.

The ship was headed towards Ylarum. Upon arriving he heard word that the Master still lives. He slew him once before. Figures he could do it again. Even if it is alone this time.

He signed on for a merchant caravan and headed north toward Sayr Ulan.


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