Fury of the Immortals

There and Blackmoor Again

Fury of the Immortals

Campaign Journal – Yarthmont 9, 1002AC

Of all the strange things that happened after the party set sail from Trintan, the strangest may have been finding a well-stocked, functional inn in the middle of The Broken Lands atop a lonely rock promontory.   It would have seemed almost new, except for the thick layer of dirt covering the outside and thick layer of dust covering the inside – and the dead orcs and suicide victim just inside the door.  Not feeling squeamish, the exhausted, dehydrated, and hungry party relished the fresh water behind the bar and food inside the pantry. 

However, while the food and water could erase their hunger and thirst, it could not erase the melancholy they felt at the loss of Erith and Osfric – Erith crushed to death on the beach by the wreckage of the Calypso and Osfric torn to pieces by one of the Hideous Crustacean Creatures that emerged from the portal opened by a bolt of eldritch lightening striking the Fire Opal Eye

The party made a desperate effort to save Osfric before being forced to flee through a crevasse in a nearby rock wall.  The party spent the next five days searching for food, water and a way out of The Broken Lands and away from the ominous camp fires smudging the sky above the plateau to the north.

Once in the inn, where they appear trapped, both a suicide note and Niko’s commune with the Eye told the party of a gate or portal below the inn – one warning them away and the other telling them it is the inn’s only exit. 

Strangely, this inn that bears the same name as the ancient kingdom that supplied the Old Coins in the party’s possession – Blackmoor – is yet another example of a possible interplanar anomaly in and around The Broken Lands.  Other planar irregularities included the Mirror Shield, which somehow trapped Rheddrian within a pocket dimension, the portal opened by the Eye, The Fire Opal Eye itself, which seems to enable slipping between planes, and the Horrific Floating Brain Creature and Hideous Crustacean Creatures that were in proximity to those gateways.

While the party rests to prepare for searching for the inn’s gate, they will have time to ponder these mysteries and consider the Kota-Hutan elder’s warning that Balthac the Dragon Slayer, the Mirror Shield’s previous owner, turned to worshipping evil entities, that creatures bearing the black sun marking lust after power, personal gain and evil and that the Statuette they found in Corran Keep is an unusual representation of the Immortal Rad

XP is awarded as follows:

9th session –1500XP (total all sessions: 4750)

"We are stalking the Prophet." (Ylari: we are well and truly lost)



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