Fury of the Immortals


Fury of the Immortals

Campaign Journal – 1002AC 6th of Flaurmont

That the dangers of Jeddarin Corran's commission have begun to weld a group of strangers into an adventuring party may best have been illustrated by the team effort made to save each other from a freezing pool of water lying below a pit trap.

Judging by the bloodied corpses showing wounds of combat discovered in Corran Keep's entrance-way, those icy depths are likely the least of the dangers to be found in the fishmonger's ancestral holding.  The party may indeed need to earn their gold to clear out any unwanted residents.

Nestled in the mountains ringing the southern border of The Broken Lands, the two days hard travel from Corunglain in the Republic of Darokin revealed the dangerous, and sometimes friendly, beasts that make it their home. 

Immeril – an elven practitioner of nature magic from the Canolbarth – managed to sooth a lion and heal the wounded Hippogriff it was stalking on the trail.  The Hippogriff later proved grateful and instrumental in breaking up a Goblin ambush.

Do-Leer – a Vyalian elf far from his home – has carefully led the party deep into the Keep.  One wonders what brought a member of such a reclusive, secretive tribe to a city of men?

Arwan – a roguish seafaring elf from Minrothad - appears to be eager for an opportunity to make use of this twin rapiers.

Nikolaj – the party's only human – who for an Ostlander looks more like an Alasyian and nothing like his father – may be underestimated by his elven companions.

Immeril gained an Inspiration for befriending the Hippogriff and Do-Leer earned and Inspiration for acting quickly to save his colleagues from the pit trap.

Everyone earned 200XP, so you're still 1st level, but that will likely change soon.



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