Fury of the Immortals

Heart of Darkness

Fury of the Immortals

Campaign Journal – Spring, 11th year of the reign of Uther Andahar

Almost as soon as the party landed in the Outer Bailey of the City of the Frog they made their way to one of Frog Town’s cleaner and classier brothels.  Earos seemed content to only chat with the establishment’s matron Madame Egraine, while Arwan got an eyeful peeping through the velvet curtained rear windows.

Not solely seeking titillation, Arwan was able to snatch the red robes of a preoccupied Inner Circle Monk with the assistance of a sleeping draught applied by Old Sly Boots.   Armed with this disguise, and the knowledge that high-value prisoners were kept on the highest levels of the Temple, Arwan and an invisible Earos made their way into the Temple of the Frog.   

Bluffing his way past gatehouse guards, Arwan opened the main doors to the Temple using a magic ring found in one of the pockets of his purloined robes.  The Temple, which does really look like a 130 foot tall frog, contained a number of strange features: carvings and friezes depicting the destruction of the world by frog-like humanoids, softly glowing stones lighting its interior, and a temperature less humid and cooler than the swamp outside.

Finding the stairs, Arwan and Earos made their way towards the top of the Temple.  Finally reaching the “mouth’’ of the “frog” – a balcony that turned out to be home to giant swamp-dwelling lizards.  After a short fight, Arwan and Earos decided it might be sensible to get their friends.

Returning to the Temple the same night with Niko and Baik, the Companions again made their way upstairs.  This time, the party decided to accost the guards blocking the stairs on the third floor to see what lay beyond.  What they found were the quarters of a sleeping woman and her Displacer Beast.  Killing her pet and eventually knocking her out, the party found a Saint’s gold robes and a variety of strange magics. 

Interrogating the foul-mouthed woman, she gave them a plan to reach the Lower Dungeon and Rissa – apparently the intelligence gathered in Frog Town about the location of prisoners was bad.  Moving quickly and either bluffing or beating into unconsciousness any priests encountered along the way, the Companions eventually found themselves in the lower dungeon in a barracks.

Their final deception failing, the party found themselves in close quarters combat with a dozen guards.  Victory was won with each Companion giving their all.  Moving onward into the rough-hewn lower dungeon, the Raven’s Companions have located cells where they expect to find Rissa and her men-at-arms.  Surely, all that remains is to rescue the prisoners and flee into the Great Dismal Swamp.

26th and 27th session –3050 XP (total all sessions: 37, 655)




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