Fury of the Immortals

Down In a Hole

Fury of the Immortals

Campaign Journal – 1002AC 6th of Flaurmont

After dragging their wounded new companion to safety, the party has settled into a darkened corner of a cavern for a short rest.  All is dark and quiet again, except for the soft weeping of Demara for the departed Dekelar – who will forever be entombed below the Keep – and the occasional fluttering and squeaking of the nearby bats who killed him.

You surmise from Pennar's consolation of Demara that the "brothers" whom employ the raven-haired elf maiden Filandriel (happily enjoying her wine) are students from the Great School of Magic in Glantri City Demara's well washed silky blonde hair and tears suggest she may not have much experience with adventuring.  What the students' purpose is in seeking the magical shield of "Bryan the Dragon Hoarder" Pennar does not discuss.

Again, the dry air in the caverns gives you the same sense of electricity playing across your skin that it did above in the Keep.  If possible, the sensation seems stronger in the caverns.  You are not sure if the increase in intensity is caused by proximity to its source, anticipation of hunting Gnolls or, perhaps, the dark ritual you witnessed in the idol room upstairs.

As you decide where to go next, a terrier-sized spider with an impossible number of legs passes by without taking notice of you.  You also swear you see motes of electricity sparkling and disappearing down the passage that leads to the west.

Immeril, Arwan, Nikolaj and Earos all reach 2nd level.

Immeril earns and Inspiration for saving Earos' life.



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