Fury of the Immortals

All In a Day's Work

Fury of the Immortals

Campaign Journal – Flaurmont 8 1002AC

Upon your return to Corunglain, Jeddarin is delighted at the safe return of his son Noriad and delighted by your success.  After filling him in on the electricity in the air, many-legged spiders, strange and dark idols, nosy Glantrian wizards, Gnolls with blunderbusses for arms, horrific floating brain creatures, talking shields and glowing men, Jeddarin concludes that his ancestral keep is a strange place of wild magic indeed.  He decides he would be more comfortable if you would help guard his workmen due to your proven track record in dangerous settings and knowledge of the Keep.  He's offering good gold again and happily pays each of you the balance of 40GP owed. He says he will need 4-6 weeks to gather men and provisions.

After spending a few days recuperating, you get an urgent message from Filandriel to meet at the Blue Dog Tavern.  More serious than usual, though still imbibing excellent elven wine, she recounts a strange message that arrived for her via a packet from Glantri.  It must have left not long after you arrived at the Keep.  She tells you a tale of endangered beautiful elven maidens in Glantri and a mysterious priest or wizard called The Rahib that is the source of their danger.  Intrigued and with time to kill, you decide to travel with her through The Broken Lands to the elven lands of Erewan in Glantri. 

Filandriel has found a Daro captain who is planning a trade voyage to Trinitan in Glantri and is willing to berth passengers on his small sailboat the Tean (a Daro gold coin) Its a dangerous voyage through The Broken Lands via the Vesubius River, so passage will cost 44GP round trip per person paid in advance.  But, its much faster than any overland route. It leaves in about a week.

You will have 2 weeks of downtime before you leave for Trinitan. So:

1) Calculate downtime living expenses for 14 days.

2) You can let me know if there is anything special you'd like to do over your downtime.  You can do any of the downtime activities in the PHB, research an object you found, or shop.

You have all earned another 1800XP, which should make most of you 3rd Level. If you're keeping tracking, you earned 800XP for the second session.

Jeddanrin is pleased to offer Earos 100GP for Corran ancestral portrait and 150GP for the Corran heirloom sword



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