Fury of the Immortals

A Gray Area

Fury of the Immortals

Campaign Journal – Flaurmont 28 1002 AC
After Immeril demonstrated the immense power of the Circle of Double-Entry Bookkeeping, the party set sail for the elven village of Kota-Hutan in the Erewan principality of Glantri – though I don't remember anyone buying food or water for the trip.  Oh well, as long as absolutely nothing goes wrong with the return journey through The Broken Lands, everything should be fine…
The sail to Glantri through The Broken Lands was relatively uneventful – barring a brief rain shower, strange sights and a handful of arrows fired by goblins well out of range. Landing in the hilltop village of Trintan just outside The Broken Lands – where the The Calypso was berthed – and making the short day's hike to the elven forest of Hutan was also uneventful.
But, nothing could prepare the party for beauty of Filandriel's cousin Rahasia.  The epitome of delicate elven beauty, the party could not help but be enraptured by her tale of woe: the strange visit by the evil Rahib seeking her hand in marriage, his retreat to the Temple of the Gray Mountain after being ejected from the village, the spell put over the students in the Temple, the disappearance of Rahasia's father and fiance, and the further kidnapping of two (un-betrothed) elven maids.
Naturally, the party set out for the Temple and have begun to plumb is depths – but not before chasing off a hungry Gargoyle and being confronted within by the students under The Rahib's enchantment.  As the students are the villagers' sons and brothers,the party, in a humane gesture, beat them all into unconsciousness.
We shall see if they extend the same courtesy if and when they find The Rahib.
XP gained is below:

1st session – 200xp
2nd session – 300xp
3rd session – 600Xp

4th session – 500XP

BTW- a Bag of Holding can hold 500lbs and 50 coins equals 1lb.  So, without anything else in it, a Bag of Holding could hold 25,000 coins.  Still probably better to convert it into platinum.



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