Fury of the Immortals

Mystara is a world of both low and high adventure.  Magic is present and powerful, but not necessarily in the everyday lives of common folk.  The gods, called Immortals, also play a role in the world through their agents and worshippers, but have a stronger grip on some lands than others.  Your adventuring will take place in Mystara’s Known World on its western continent of Brun. The Known world is dominated by the Empire of Thyatis and its distant rival Alphatia, but consists of many nations and wild areas to explore.

Your adventuring begins in the year 1002AC (1002 years after the crowning of the first Thyatian emperor) in Corunglain, an adventurer's haven in the north of the Republic of Darokin.  Darokin's third largest city boasting a population of 31,000, Corunglain is nestled in the fork where the Streel River splits into the Vesubian and Upper Streel Rivers.  Three massive stone bridges cross the rivers, one connecting the city to a road on the east and two on the west.

Advantageously positioned to trade with the Principalities of Glantri to the west and Ethengar Khanate to the northwest, it is a bustling city engaged in the Daro's favorite pastime.  However, it lies no more than 10 miles south of the hostile and inhospitable Broken Lands, so its residents remain ever vigilant behind a 15' hight and 8' wide stone wall and it feels like a frontier town.

Though the Broken Land's countless orcs, goblins, hobgoblins, trolls and worse have not directly threatened Corunglain since its sack in 523AC, Corunglenners have a long memory.  As such, Corunglain is the only Darokin city to boast a volunteer milita in addition to a Town Guard.  Moreover, the most direct routes to both both Glantri and the Ethengar steppes lead through the Broken Lands, so there is always plenty of work for caravan guards whether traveling overland or by river.

The fourth biggest merchant house in Darokin, Corun House, is synonomous with Corunglain.  It was a Corun who first settled the area calling its central village Corun's Glen.  It was a Corun who drove off the orcs 500 years ago and who led the effort to rebuild the city.  As such, Corun House owns much of the city and wields significant influence.

As revealed by its many powerful merchant houses, business, trade and diplomacy are the Daros' passions. The slang word "skiff" (short for the skiffington – a coin no longer used) denotes both cash and power and Darokins are fond of saying that the Golden Rule is that "He who has the gold makes the rules."  Their neighbors often view Daros with mistrust or skepticism or might see them as efete.  Still, their society is often admired for the opportunity for all to make their fortune and break out of their station. 

A large land, the Republic of Darokin shares borders with many other nations of the Known World and vast areas of it are completely wild.  Much of Darokin's southern border consists of the Cruth Mountains, over which can be found Free Traldara and eventually the Sea of Dread.  To the southwest, beyond a spit of land and the pestilent, dangerous Malpheggi Swamp lie the Emirates of Ylaruam. Both Free Traldara and the Emirates are frequent trading partners, as well as Dwarven Rockhome, which lies to the east of Darokin.

Uniquely, the entire Canolbarth Forest and, thus, the entire elven homeland of Alfheim lies within the eastern portion of Darokin.  The humans of Darokin have a long history with the elves and have both warred with and allied with the elves.  Since the elves helped the Daros drive off the major Broken Lands invasion 500 years ago, they have lived and traded with each other peacefully.

The largest threat to the Republic in recent years was the monstrous army the theocratic Master of Hule marched into the deserts of Sind to the west of Ylaruam. The Republic sent an army west into the desert to confront the Master, but it was annihilated.  Luckily for the Repbulic, The Master's mysterious and timely death in his Temple led to his army's disorganized retreat into Hule. 

But, a new threat is brewing on Mystara that threatens to plunge world into war … or worse …

Fury of the Immortals

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