Specialized Weapons­ – Certain weapons and their fighting styles are so specialized that their use is not covered by proficiencies in Simple Weapons or Martial Weapons.  They require their own proficiency for a user to experience the benefits of using that weapon.  In the hands of a non-proficient user, the weapon bonuses included in their descriptions do not apply.


A blackjack is a small leather sack filled with sand or metal shot with a looped strap attached. It used to strike a victim’s head or neck causing little damage, but possibly causing unconsciousness.  It is favored by Rogues all over the Known World.

To use a Blackjack, the attacker makes an Attack role against the intended victim.  On a hit, the victim must make a Con Sav with the Attack total as the DC.   The result depends on the difference between the Saving Throw and the DC.   It the attacker has Surprise, the victim has Disadvantage on their saving throw.

-10: Unconsciousness

-5: Stunned

<-5: 1D2 damage

<u>Duelist Weapons</u>

Duelist weapons are favored by those who use two-handed fighting.  They are found commonly in Darokin, among the pirates of Minrothad and among nobility in many nations.  A proficiency in Duelist Weapons provides proficiency in each of the weapons below.

Stiletto Dagger – 5GP; D4; light, finesse, thrown (10/30); +1 to hit against armored characters or creatures with thick hides.  On a critical the damage die changes to D6.

Main-Gauche (parrying dagger) – 5GP; D4; light, finesse; when two-weapon fighting the character may add +1AC.

Rapier – 25GP; D8, light, finesse; in the hands of a proficient user, a Rapier can be used for two-handed fighting.  Instead of dealing damage, a proficient user can use their Attack to attempt to Deflect an attack.  If a user attempts to Deflect the target must make a Dex (Acrobatics) or Str (Athletics) save versus the user’s attack roll total or the target’s next attack roll is at Disadvantage.

Buckler – 15GP; a buckler adds +1AC.  It is strapped to the user’s forearm, so does not interfere with two-weapon fighting.

<u>Blackpowder Weapons</u>

Blackpowder weapons are rare and expensive.  They are sometimes found amongst Minrothad pirates who have access to gunpowder from Ochalea and favor them for their shock value in boarding actions.

Loading – Blackpowder weapons take 2 turns to load, meaning they can be fired every other turn.  In the hands of a non-proficient user, they can be fired only once every three turns.

Ball & Powder­ ­– Ammunition for 20 shots costs 10GP.

Special – On a critical hit 20 roll, the target must make a Con save of DC15 or drop to 0 hit points. If the target makes the save, they take normal damage, but is Stunned.  The creature can repeat the save at the end of each turn to end the Stunned condition.

On critical miss roll of 1, there is a 10% chance the weapon explodes causing 4D8 damage to creatures within a 5’ radius.

On a hit roll of natural 18 or higher, the target must make a Con save of DC10 or better or be Stunned.  A save may be made at the end of each turn.

Flintlock Pistol – 250GP; D10; loading, special, range (30/90)

Flintlock Musket – 500GP; 2D10; two-handed, loading, special, range (40/120)


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