Rathanos is an Immortal of the small, insular kingdom of Thothia on the Isle of Dawn, which is a client kingdom of The Empire of Alphatia.  Worship of Rathanos is centered around the great Temple of Dawn at the center of that nation.  His worshippers are intensely interested in fire magics and the transformation of Matter into Energy.  It is said that there are elementalists at the Great School of Magic in Glantri who correspond with Thothian priests.  A few also say there is some resemblance between the Thothians and the tales of evil fire worshippers of Ylaruam.

Sphere: Energy

Domains:  Energy, Light

Symbol: a burning brand

Followers Alignment: any

Immortal Feat: Rathanos' clerics or paladins may trade an ABI for the ability to cast Continual Flame or Burning Hands or Fire Shield a number of times equal to their WIS modifier per long rest.


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