Faction - Darokin Diplomatic Corps

That Darokin has developed a reputation for expert diplomacy should come as no surprise when one considers that the Republic has a border with nearly every nation in the Known World, that its economy depends on foreign trade and that Daros prefer to solve problems by finesse, rather than force, as a matter of national character.  

As such, a "mission" can be found in any neighbor's capital, as well as other cities, with the goal of maintaining and improving relations with the host nation.  Each mission has an overseer and the members of missions are supposed to become experts on their particular country to try to nip any problems in the bud. The Corps will even mediate disputes between two foreign countries if it might have an effect on Darokin or trade.  And, Corps negotiators may be hired to mediate business disputes between Daros.

The Corps are directed by the Inner Council and the Chancellor.  However, requests by Outer Council Members and Borderlands Magistrates are usually honored automatically.   Members of the Corps are employees of the Republic and it is also a meritocracy.  It is often said that "it takes more than book learning or a rich father to be diplomat."

Motto:  "We will find a way."

Beliefs:  The Darokin Diplomatic Corps believes can be summarized as follows:

  • Peace is more profitable can conflict;
  • If all else fails, money talks louder than words;
  • Sometimes you have to remove the obstacle to conflict;

Goals: The Corps main goals are to reduce international tensions and protect Darokin's trade.  

Typical Quests: Typical Darokin Diplomatic Corp quests include investigating why it appears bandits seem to be targeting a particular trade route, mediate a dispute between merchants that could spill over into violence, or lead a mission to foreign country to investigate what appears to be growing unrest.

Renown Rank
1 Applicant
3 Diplomat in Training
10 Counselor
25 Diplomat Second Class
50 Diplomat


Faction - Darokin Diplomatic Corps

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