Corunglain [pop. 31,000] An adventurer's haven in the north of the Republic of Darokin and Darokin's third largest city.  Corunglain is nestled in the fork where the Streel River splits into the Vesubian and Upper Streel Rivers.  Three massive stone bridges cross the rivers, one connecting the city to a road on the east and two on the west.

Advantageously positioned to trade with the Principalities of Glantri to the west and Ethengar Khanate to the northwest, it is a bustling city engaged in the Daro's favorite pastime.  However, it lies no more than 10 miles south of the hostile and inhospitable Broken Lands, so its residents remain ever vigilant behind a 15' height and 8' wide stone wall and it feels like a frontier town.

Though The Broken Lands' countless orcs, goblins, hobgoblins, trolls and worse have not directly threatened Corunglain since its sack in 523, Corunglenners have a long memory.  As such, Corunglain is the only Darokin city to boast a volunteer milita in addition to a Town Guard.  Moreover, the most direct routes to both both Glantri and the Ethengar steppes lead through the Broken Lands.  There is always plenty of work for caravan guards whether travelling overland or by river.

The fourth biggest merchant house in Darokin, Corun House, is synonomous with Corunglain.  It was a Corun who first settled the area calling its central village Corun's Glen.  It was a Corun who drove off the orcs 500 years ago and who led the effort to rebuild the city.  As such, Corun House owns much of the city and wields significant influence.


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