Corruption Checks

The powers of The Far Realm are drawn to minds in other dimensions that lust for power and personal indulgence like moths to a flame.  They whisper to such minds to push them further along the path to darkness and corruption promising them power, wealth and Dark Gifts – subtle and not so subtle changes to a character's physical and mental characteristics. 

Whenever a character pursues personal power and gain, they must make a Corruption Check.  Pursuing such goals by the means of violence, murder, lies, betrayal, unholy acts, necromancy, or curses makes corruption even more likely.  Tainted characters will begin to hear whispers, and feel cold winds and malevolent presences as they go further and further down the path to corruption. 

After going far enough, a character must also make a Madness Check each time they make a Corruption Check, as exposure to the beings of The Far Realms can warp one's sense of reality.  At some point a character may become so severely corrupted that there will be no chance for Redemption and the character may even lose themselves to their dark masters becoming an NPC.

Before reaching the point of no return, a character may experience Redemption by committing an act of selflessness or charity to make up for past evil acts.  But, it is important to act quickly before such chances are lost for good.

A Corruption Check consists of a DC10-20 WIS Sav depending on the severity of the character’s act(s).

Corruption Checks

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