Fury of the Immortals

The Once and Future? King
Fury of the Immortals

Campaign Journal –  ????

After using the mists of the Comeback Inn’s basement gate for more than just cooling ale, the party found themselves in a tricky situation.  Stepping through the gate, the party had returned to the Inn, but not as they left it.  Instead of a dusty, empty Inn that only housed a few odd corpses and abandoned jewelry, they found an Inn crowded with life.   It also appeared to no longer sit atop a rocky outcropping in the desolate, sulphurous Broken Lands.  Rather, it sat in a quaint city in a lush, hilly land under the watchful eye of black stone castle – leaving the party to wonder just where and when they were. 

They quickly learned the Inn’s residents called their land Blackmoor – a land that the party’s research had told them existed in Mystara’s distant past.   Though purportedly an ancient kingdom, the sharp, polished halberd blades they met upon exiting the gate seemed as new as their own blades.

After being disarmed by one Jallapiere and several guards, the party was interrogated by the Fetch – the “Peacekeeper of the University of Blackmoor.”  They learned that Blackmoor’s King and liberator – Uther Andahar – had recently gone missing from the Inn and that the Fetch considered the party suspects.  He doubted their protests of innocence due to the unusual nature of their arrival and the fact that Nikolaj bore the mark of the “Egg of Coot” on the palm of his left hand.  The “Egg” is apparently just one of Blackmoor’s many enemies massing forces on her borders in the absence of the King. 

However, the party managed to pass examination under the light of Ixion earning their release to the Inn’s common area and baffling the Fetch.  They are trying to find the King in the few days before Blackmoor is sacked and they along with it. 

Needless to say, the party has already made an impression on the “guests” of the Comeback Inn and learned some useful information:

  • The comely lass Alwyn revealed to Earos, after strenuous questioning, that Marfedlt the Barbarian once famously robbed the Merchant Guild of Maus.  She never did find her purse, leaving Earos to conclude she is, in fact, broke.
  • Nikolaj learned from the beady-eyed, rodent-faced Miklos that Scotty Debelfry is the master of the Thieves Guild of Maus and knows the value of a hostage.
  • Arwan met two Sellswords in the employ of said Scotty Debelfry who claimed to know naught of the King’s disappearance.

It remains to be seen if the party will recover the King in time for him to rally his forces and strike fear into Blackmoor’s vulturous enemies.  Then, they may be able to figure out if they can return to their own time and those that would miss them.

XP is awarded as follows:

10th session –700XP (total all sessions: 5450)

"Vanished like a coin in grey ooze."

There and Blackmoor Again
Fury of the Immortals

Campaign Journal – Yarthmont 9, 1002AC

Of all the strange things that happened after the party set sail from Trintan, the strangest may have been finding a well-stocked, functional inn in the middle of The Broken Lands atop a lonely rock promontory.   It would have seemed almost new, except for the thick layer of dirt covering the outside and thick layer of dust covering the inside – and the dead orcs and suicide victim just inside the door.  Not feeling squeamish, the exhausted, dehydrated, and hungry party relished the fresh water behind the bar and food inside the pantry. 

However, while the food and water could erase their hunger and thirst, it could not erase the melancholy they felt at the loss of Erith and Osfric – Erith crushed to death on the beach by the wreckage of the Calypso and Osfric torn to pieces by one of the Hideous Crustacean Creatures that emerged from the portal opened by a bolt of eldritch lightening striking the Fire Opal Eye

The party made a desperate effort to save Osfric before being forced to flee through a crevasse in a nearby rock wall.  The party spent the next five days searching for food, water and a way out of The Broken Lands and away from the ominous camp fires smudging the sky above the plateau to the north.

Once in the inn, where they appear trapped, both a suicide note and Niko’s commune with the Eye told the party of a gate or portal below the inn – one warning them away and the other telling them it is the inn’s only exit. 

Strangely, this inn that bears the same name as the ancient kingdom that supplied the Old Coins in the party’s possession – Blackmoor – is yet another example of a possible interplanar anomaly in and around The Broken Lands.  Other planar irregularities included the Mirror Shield, which somehow trapped Rheddrian within a pocket dimension, the portal opened by the Eye, The Fire Opal Eye itself, which seems to enable slipping between planes, and the Horrific Floating Brain Creature and Hideous Crustacean Creatures that were in proximity to those gateways.

While the party rests to prepare for searching for the inn’s gate, they will have time to ponder these mysteries and consider the Kota-Hutan elder’s warning that Balthac the Dragon Slayer, the Mirror Shield’s previous owner, turned to worshipping evil entities, that creatures bearing the black sun marking lust after power, personal gain and evil and that the Statuette they found in Corran Keep is an unusual representation of the Immortal Rad

XP is awarded as follows:

9th session –1500XP (total all sessions: 4750)

"We are stalking the Prophet." (Ylari: we are well and truly lost)

Two to Four Weddings and a Funeral
Fury of the Immortals

Campaign Journal – Flaurmont 29, 1002AC

Emerging from the Gray Mountain into the bright Flaurmont sun and the scent of spring flowers, it was clear to the party that they had spent the better part of a day underground.  But, their venture had been fruitful and gave the villagers of Kota-Hutan much to celebrate -

Rahasia reunited with her betrothed Hasaniel, who was only slightly worse for the wear, the couple’s dowry returned, the maidens rescued, the villagers’ stolen treasure repaid, The Rahib destroyed, the witches banished, the Fire Opal Eye recovered, and Elyas’ treasure reclaimed. 

Of course, the announcement of the engagement of the willowy, blonde maiden Sylvana (of barely 100 years) to the scar-faced swashbuckler Arwan gave further reason for joy.   All the village was in attendance, except for Miryala who was still recuperating from her “rescue.”

Still, during the festivities, it was hard for the adventurers to not ponder the eerie similarities between the Gray Mountain and Corran Keep; even though the places are on opposite sides of The Broken Lands

The party can contemplate these enigmas as they count the treasure recovered from Elyas’ Tower:

  • The Rahib’s enchanted mace +1
  • An elaborately carved longbow that appears to be of elven make
  • 4 greatswords
  • Coins totaling 8692 GP
  • Gems worth 850GP
  • A potion of gaseous form
  • And, of course, the Fire Opal Eye

Feeling grateful at his reunion and under the influence of elven wine (which is better than the Barovian wine found in the Temple), Hasaniel offers the party the choice of one item from his dowry:

  • the snake staff
  • a ring that gives the wearer influence over all manner of beasts, or
  • his enchanted longsword +1

The party will need to decide whether they will share any of their loot or further adventures with their companions Filandriel and Baik Telor, who shared their danger.

As the dim light under the forest canopy fades, the gentle music dies down, the drink stops flowing and the elves of Kota-Hutan begin to retire to their delicate dwellings nestled amongst the leaves of the trees, all that remains to the party is decide whether where they will go next:

  • They still have the Gnoll Map to “Firestorm Peak”
  • The commission to meet Jeddarin Corran in Corunglain in a matter of days
  • And, a village elder mentioned The Rahib may be connected to disturbing news that reached the village of a sickness taken hold among the Trees of Life of Alfheim
Niko earns an Inspiration for figuring out the teleport maze and what to do with the Eye to banish the witches.
XP is awarded as follows:

8th session –650XP (total all sessions: 3250)

"Dragon's eyes on us." (Description of an ominous feeling, common around Altan Tepes range.)


Girls Interrupted
Fury of the Immortals
Campaign Journal – Flaurmont 29 1002 AC

Before their exploration of Elyas' tower was abruptly cut short by the bellowings of an ogre, the party managed to locate yet another straying elfin maid.  She crept upon them as they gingerly poked about a recently used kitchen.    Introducing herself as the missing Merissa, the party recognized her from the sketch provided by the villagers of Kota-Hutan.

Relying on Hasaniel's confirmation, the party agreed to let her lead them to a magical lift that could take them 1000 feet deeper into the tower and to the missing Sylvana – the remaining captive.  Suspecting something awry with the stiffness of her movements, Arwan insisted Merissa accompany the party further below, rather than remain with Miryala. 

Next to the lift, she leaned close to Arwan to whisper sweet words into his ear hoping to convince him to change his mind.   Rejecting the embrace of the young, auburn-haired elf girl, Arwan surprised all present by crashing the hilt of his sword into the side of her head.  In the ensuing fight, her feline companion leapt to her defense and she managed to unleash a few magical bolts wounding many in the party.   Earos brought the panther low while Arwan and Nikolaj subdued the girl.  Convinced she housed one of the witches of infamous legend, they deposited "Merissa" and her panther in a cell not too far from Miryala.

Before descending further into the tower, the party determined to leave no ambush unturned on the top floor in the search for the powerful talisman bequeathed to Hasaniel by Rahasia's father.   Doing battle with roaming orcs, dog-sized rats and a gelatinous, acidic cube, the party was slowly worn down.  Only a well aimed sonic blast sung into existence by Earos saved Arwan from being completely dissolved by the cube.  Given their state, the party has decided to rest before delving deeper.

There is no XP awarded, as the session was not completed.

Earos earns an inspiration for saving his companion's life.

".. and dragons only have a passing fondness for gold."  (an expression of disbelief)

Tres Brujas
Fury of the Immortals
Campaign Journal – Flaurmont 29 1002 AC
Reservoir Elves
Furty of the Immortals

Campaign Journal – Flaurmont 29 1002 AC

In this week's session, the party managed to track down and corner Rahasia's tormentor, The Rahib, in his subterranean library.  In spite of his declarations that "all overlanders would be destroyed – especially the betraying overlander elves," he met his demise in a scene that would make Tarantino proud – though not before convincing Arwan and Earos into an ambush by his pet panthers.

Through the use of irregular interrogation techniques, the party did manage to pry from The Rahib the secret word that opens a hidden passageway to a buried wizard's tower where he has ensconced the missing maidens.  They also rummaged his library and freed Rahasia's betrothed Hasaniel from a prison cell in the Temple.  Hopefully, this happy news will ameliorate Rahasia's grief when she learns of the loss of her father.

It remains to be seen if the party will free a mysterious human also imprisoned in the dungeon.

The party still needs to free the maidens and recover Rahasia's dowry before successfully concluding their adventure in the Temple of the Gray Mountain.

Um, it goes without saying that no Inspiration is awarded this session.

XP is awarded as follows:

1st session – 200xp
2nd session – 300xp
3rd session – 600Xp

4th session – 500XP

5th session – 600XP

Straight as a Daro. (slick, devious, untruthful, silver-tongued)


A Gray Area
Fury of the Immortals
Campaign Journal – Flaurmont 28 1002 AC
After Immeril demonstrated the immense power of the Circle of Double-Entry Bookkeeping, the party set sail for the elven village of Kota-Hutan in the Erewan principality of Glantri – though I don't remember anyone buying food or water for the trip.  Oh well, as long as absolutely nothing goes wrong with the return journey through The Broken Lands, everything should be fine…
The sail to Glantri through The Broken Lands was relatively uneventful – barring a brief rain shower, strange sights and a handful of arrows fired by goblins well out of range. Landing in the hilltop village of Trintan just outside The Broken Lands – where the The Calypso was berthed – and making the short day's hike to the elven forest of Hutan was also uneventful.
But, nothing could prepare the party for beauty of Filandriel's cousin Rahasia.  The epitome of delicate elven beauty, the party could not help but be enraptured by her tale of woe: the strange visit by the evil Rahib seeking her hand in marriage, his retreat to the Temple of the Gray Mountain after being ejected from the village, the spell put over the students in the Temple, the disappearance of Rahasia's father and fiance, and the further kidnapping of two (un-betrothed) elven maids.
Naturally, the party set out for the Temple and have begun to plumb is depths – but not before chasing off a hungry Gargoyle and being confronted within by the students under The Rahib's enchantment.  As the students are the villagers' sons and brothers,the party, in a humane gesture, beat them all into unconsciousness.
We shall see if they extend the same courtesy if and when they find The Rahib.
XP gained is below:

1st session – 200xp
2nd session – 300xp
3rd session – 600Xp

4th session – 500XP

BTW- a Bag of Holding can hold 500lbs and 50 coins equals 1lb.  So, without anything else in it, a Bag of Holding could hold 25,000 coins.  Still probably better to convert it into platinum.
All In a Day's Work
Fury of the Immortals

Campaign Journal – Flaurmont 8 1002AC

Upon your return to Corunglain, Jeddarin is delighted at the safe return of his son Noriad and delighted by your success.  After filling him in on the electricity in the air, many-legged spiders, strange and dark idols, nosy Glantrian wizards, Gnolls with blunderbusses for arms, horrific floating brain creatures, talking shields and glowing men, Jeddarin concludes that his ancestral keep is a strange place of wild magic indeed.  He decides he would be more comfortable if you would help guard his workmen due to your proven track record in dangerous settings and knowledge of the Keep.  He's offering good gold again and happily pays each of you the balance of 40GP owed. He says he will need 4-6 weeks to gather men and provisions.

After spending a few days recuperating, you get an urgent message from Filandriel to meet at the Blue Dog Tavern.  More serious than usual, though still imbibing excellent elven wine, she recounts a strange message that arrived for her via a packet from Glantri.  It must have left not long after you arrived at the Keep.  She tells you a tale of endangered beautiful elven maidens in Glantri and a mysterious priest or wizard called The Rahib that is the source of their danger.  Intrigued and with time to kill, you decide to travel with her through The Broken Lands to the elven lands of Erewan in Glantri. 

Filandriel has found a Daro captain who is planning a trade voyage to Trinitan in Glantri and is willing to berth passengers on his small sailboat the Tean (a Daro gold coin) Its a dangerous voyage through The Broken Lands via the Vesubius River, so passage will cost 44GP round trip per person paid in advance.  But, its much faster than any overland route. It leaves in about a week.

You will have 2 weeks of downtime before you leave for Trinitan. So:

1) Calculate downtime living expenses for 14 days.

2) You can let me know if there is anything special you'd like to do over your downtime.  You can do any of the downtime activities in the PHB, research an object you found, or shop.

You have all earned another 1800XP, which should make most of you 3rd Level. If you're keeping tracking, you earned 800XP for the second session.

Jeddanrin is pleased to offer Earos 100GP for Corran ancestral portrait and 150GP for the Corran heirloom sword

Down In a Hole
Fury of the Immortals
Campaign Journal – 1002AC 6th of Flaurmont

After dragging their wounded new companion to safety, the party has settled into a darkened corner of a cavern for a short rest.  All is dark and quiet again, except for the soft weeping of Demara for the departed Dekelar – who will forever be entombed below the Keep – and the occasional fluttering and squeaking of the nearby bats who killed him.

You surmise from Pennar's consolation of Demara that the "brothers" whom employ the raven-haired elf maiden Filandriel (happily enjoying her wine) are students from the Great School of Magic in Glantri City Demara's well washed silky blonde hair and tears suggest she may not have much experience with adventuring.  What the students' purpose is in seeking the magical shield of "Bryan the Dragon Hoarder" Pennar does not discuss.

Again, the dry air in the caverns gives you the same sense of electricity playing across your skin that it did above in the Keep.  If possible, the sensation seems stronger in the caverns.  You are not sure if the increase in intensity is caused by proximity to its source, anticipation of hunting Gnolls or, perhaps, the dark ritual you witnessed in the idol room upstairs.

As you decide where to go next, a terrier-sized spider with an impossible number of legs passes by without taking notice of you.  You also swear you see motes of electricity sparkling and disappearing down the passage that leads to the west.

Immeril, Arwan, Nikolaj and Earos all reach 2nd level.

Immeril earns and Inspiration for saving Earos' life.
Fury of the Immortals
Campaign Journal – 1002AC 6th of Flaurmont

That the dangers of Jeddarin Corran's commission have begun to weld a group of strangers into an adventuring party may best have been illustrated by the team effort made to save each other from a freezing pool of water lying below a pit trap.

Judging by the bloodied corpses showing wounds of combat discovered in Corran Keep's entrance-way, those icy depths are likely the least of the dangers to be found in the fishmonger's ancestral holding.  The party may indeed need to earn their gold to clear out any unwanted residents.

Nestled in the mountains ringing the southern border of The Broken Lands, the two days hard travel from Corunglain in the Republic of Darokin revealed the dangerous, and sometimes friendly, beasts that make it their home. 

Immeril – an elven practitioner of nature magic from the Canolbarth – managed to sooth a lion and heal the wounded Hippogriff it was stalking on the trail.  The Hippogriff later proved grateful and instrumental in breaking up a Goblin ambush.

Do-Leer – a Vyalian elf far from his home – has carefully led the party deep into the Keep.  One wonders what brought a member of such a reclusive, secretive tribe to a city of men?

Arwan – a roguish seafaring elf from Minrothad - appears to be eager for an opportunity to make use of this twin rapiers.

Nikolaj – the party's only human – who for an Ostlander looks more like an Alasyian and nothing like his father – may be underestimated by his elven companions.

Immeril gained an Inspiration for befriending the Hippogriff and Do-Leer earned and Inspiration for acting quickly to save his colleagues from the pit trap.

Everyone earned 200XP, so you're still 1st level, but that will likely change soon.


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