Seneschal the Broken (Deceased)

A man in his mid to late 30s that has lost too much


“I lost everything. All that is left for me to give is my life.”


Nothing is known about Seneschal. Not even his real name. It seems that whatever brought him here is something he’d wish to forget all together. He’s pretty good with that pike though. Real good. Scary good in fact. Be careful around that man. You can see it in his eyes. He’s a broken man. Has nothing to live for. Gods help his soul find peace.

And so it seemed like he did. Deep in the heart of Sayr Ulan the Ravens Companions encountered the Master himself. With great fervor they engaged him, despite outnumbered the Master did not go quietly, but to the dark cold night he did go. With a roar of pain and anger his soul was trapped, his body laid to dust, a memory to the sands of time.

But alas, the death throes of the Master stirred the camp and the entire city was on alert. With enemies on all sides, deaths ground became clear. Yet with will and persistence all obstacles can become clear. The Master’s airship was docked and ready for departure, but how can the Ravens Companions make heading with an entire army at their heel?

So it was how the desperate companions fled in the night while one remained. With nothing to live he gave all for others a chance to go on living. Seneschal held his ground to give his companions, still strangers after months of travel, the time they need to escape the clutches of the Master’s forces.

Seneschal has survived battles, massacres, and sorrows. With great melancholics he roamed the Known World a disgraced hero with a bounty on his head, the memory of his deceased loved ones always nagging at his dreams. Yet he kept living no matter how compelling suicide’s argument spoke to him. One cannot run forever though. Death at last graced its touch upon him. Deaths wing at last embraced the elusive survivor of horrors beyond imagining. It would seem that the Seneschal found the peace he always sought for…

Seneschal the Broken (Deceased)

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