Eaeros Stormoen


Ladies & Gentlemen boy do I have a show for you today!

Come one, come all to the show that never ends. I shall sing and show you your deepest desires, yes we shall drink and be very and make plenty of memories. Don’t let this handsome, well-kept look of a man intimidate you for I rather make sweet love to you than to frighten you. So yes you can touch the hair if you wish ladies and oh yes. It really is that color and it’s natural, same goes for my eyes.

I come to your lovely land to steal the hearts of your women and men alike. I don’t judge <wink>. So tell me should I tell you one of the tales of the great Arwan. How he once wrestled away a Kraken with nothing but one full inhale of air and a rusty dagger. Yes, folks, it was a sight to see as the ship was ripped apart. The beast which at the time had the name Niko, torn and splintered the bowl of the shift. That day we lost great sailors their names have not left me even on this day. Regardless of how many moons have passed, cold nights or warm with the right company. <winks>

The beast tentacles rocked the ship as it moved to take us all down to Davie Jones locker. The sheen glow of the Scimitars ripped apart the beast. Even after the ship broke our captain swam like a swordfish. The Kraken might have been large and strong, but was no match to his keen swiftness and deadly precision. It felt as those few seconds lasted for hours. It was a waltz seen our captain engage not afraid, and always looking out for the crew.

Now if you want to not sleep tonight, I can tell you of the demonic lord I once ran across in our travels. The not recognizable man, a title lost to the ages all he remember was his name was Jalokin he was an evil thing this one. He could not love or had no success with the ladies. His hatred could summon storms and creatures that seemed otherworldly. I manage to get out by the scruff of my beard. He even implanted a demon in me. Oh yes, fair not I manage to get rid of it. But it left me with a reminder <shows> I ripped the beast out with my captain’s sword. black smoke, ichor, and a demon flew out from me. we vanquished it back to the 9 hells. We recently got a virgin on our crew and ladies or gentleman if you are lucky perhaps you can make some quite fond memories. <the>

SHUT UP EAEROS!” Nikolaj yelled across the room.

“Speak of the devil, ladies, and gentlemen I hope we can enjoy your company and comforts.”

“Whyyy?!” The human spoke to the Bard.

" 5 simple words dear Nijolaj. That’s how you do it!" with that Arwan High five the Dwarf and they went to drinking, plus had a few extra people joining the table and making Niko uncomfortable. Best day ever.


Eaeros Stormoen

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