Fury of the Immortals

Two to Four Weddings and a Funeral

Fury of the Immortals

Campaign Journal – Flaurmont 29, 1002AC

Emerging from the Gray Mountain into the bright Flaurmont sun and the scent of spring flowers, it was clear to the party that they had spent the better part of a day underground.  But, their venture had been fruitful and gave the villagers of Kota-Hutan much to celebrate -

Rahasia reunited with her betrothed Hasaniel, who was only slightly worse for the wear, the couple’s dowry returned, the maidens rescued, the villagers’ stolen treasure repaid, The Rahib destroyed, the witches banished, the Fire Opal Eye recovered, and Elyas’ treasure reclaimed. 

Of course, the announcement of the engagement of the willowy, blonde maiden Sylvana (of barely 100 years) to the scar-faced swashbuckler Arwan gave further reason for joy.   All the village was in attendance, except for Miryala who was still recuperating from her “rescue.”

Still, during the festivities, it was hard for the adventurers to not ponder the eerie similarities between the Gray Mountain and Corran Keep; even though the places are on opposite sides of The Broken Lands

The party can contemplate these enigmas as they count the treasure recovered from Elyas’ Tower:

  • The Rahib’s enchanted mace +1
  • An elaborately carved longbow that appears to be of elven make
  • 4 greatswords
  • Coins totaling 8692 GP
  • Gems worth 850GP
  • A potion of gaseous form
  • And, of course, the Fire Opal Eye

Feeling grateful at his reunion and under the influence of elven wine (which is better than the Barovian wine found in the Temple), Hasaniel offers the party the choice of one item from his dowry:

  • the snake staff
  • a ring that gives the wearer influence over all manner of beasts, or
  • his enchanted longsword +1

The party will need to decide whether they will share any of their loot or further adventures with their companions Filandriel and Baik Telor, who shared their danger.

As the dim light under the forest canopy fades, the gentle music dies down, the drink stops flowing and the elves of Kota-Hutan begin to retire to their delicate dwellings nestled amongst the leaves of the trees, all that remains to the party is decide whether where they will go next:

  • They still have the Gnoll Map to “Firestorm Peak”
  • The commission to meet Jeddarin Corran in Corunglain in a matter of days
  • And, a village elder mentioned The Rahib may be connected to disturbing news that reached the village of a sickness taken hold among the Trees of Life of Alfheim
Niko earns an Inspiration for figuring out the teleport maze and what to do with the Eye to banish the witches.
XP is awarded as follows:

8th session –650XP (total all sessions: 3250)

"Dragon's eyes on us." (Description of an ominous feeling, common around Altan Tepes range.)




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