Fury of the Immortals

Total Chaos

Fury of the Immortals

Campaign Journal – Fall, 10th year of the reign of Uther Andahar

The Chaos Blade lies on the floor next to the face-down form of Arwan, its hilt bathing the gore-splattered temple to Abholos the Infinite Blight in a dull red glow.  The red light makes the blood pooling on the floor look almost black and the crushed chitinous form of the lobster-like creature seem even more otherworldly.  The stench of burned meat wafting from the charred body of the corrupted Ogre chief fills the temple with smoky dense air that almost burns one’s throat. 

The only sounds presently heard in the temple are the coughing of Lwin, likely caused by whatever noxious fumes he inhaled from the Plague Doctor’s censor rather than the Ogre chief’s corpse, the quiet mutterings of Niko over Arwan’s body, and the soft weeping coming from the late Baron’s wife.  No noise can be heard from without to indicate whether the war galleys’ war parties of Gnolls and Lizardmen have regained any semblance of control or forayed into the cave, but the temple lies too deep within the caverns to permit sound.

As such, exiting the temple may be as risky as entering – particularly since, to the surprise of all, the Baroness Glendower appears to be very pregnant. She is also distraught and nearly catatonic after her long tenure of suffering at the hands of the Egg’s cultists.

There are also the matters of the Chaos Blade and Scroll of Final Words, two-thirds of the objects required to complete the ritual to free Abholos, and the Chaos Mote, the enormous, cracked silver orb that is a gate to the malevolent entity’s extraplanar prison.

It appeared from the Plague Doctor’s soliloquy that gathering all three of the evil artifacts might not have been enough to free the plague cultists' dread lord.  He seemed to say that even more power would be needed than could be provided by the artifacts.  He believed that the City of the Gods was the source of the Wyrd and the cultists might be able to harness the Wyrd to their ends if they could only gain access to the City – access that might be had through the magic of the Vault of Song.

What the party will do with the objects and such information will only matter if they can escape the Egg’s domain with their lives.

23rd session –4000 XP (total all sessions: 32,655)




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