Fury of the Immortals

The Return of the King

Fury of the Immortals

Campaign Journal – Winter, 10th year of the reign of Uther Andahar

After the daring rescue of King Uther the Rectifier from the Prison Out of Time, the fame of the “Travelers from Far” has spread throughout the Northlands – in no small part due to Earos’ ballads of original composition.

They tell of how Earos blew the Iron Duke’s soldiers off of their feet with thunderous magic that nearly shook the Inn apart.  They tell of how Niko felled Dubonino the trickster by summoning a terrible serpent.  They tell of how Arwan sheared his way through the Iron Duke’s vaunted soldiers with his twin rapiers and they tell of how he took The Warden unawares running him through as he tortured the King in the Inn’s tower room.  They also tell of how brave Arwan was grievously wounded by the poisoned dagger of the beautiful and traitorous Lola Dafin.

Earos’ ballads also tell of how King Uther took to horse to confront the Egg’s forces almost immediately after being freed.  He drove them back from Blackmoor’s borders while Rissa Aleford, Baroness of the Lakes, rode forth to drive off the Iron Duke’s forces.

With his borders secured, the King’s mind turned to justice.  With the other conspirators dead or exiled to an unknown time, Lola Dafin, the Thonian songstress, was tried for the murder of the barkeep Wallingford Batts and her part in the kidnapping.  She was hanged on a chill early winter morning.  With her last breath she cursed Earos to the Nine Hells for laying a hand on her.

Naturally, King Uther was more than pleased with the party’s bravery and many rewards were showered upon the party.  Arwan was knighted and given the right to bear arms and mete justice within the Kingdom of Blackmoor.  He is also being considered for the title of Bailiff of the Old North Watchtower.  Earos was offered a stipend of 30GP per month to keep The Fetch informed of any news during his rounds of the Northlands.  Nikolaj was given the run of The University and its research facilities.

Nikolaj earned an Inspiration for scaring the pants off of all of us.

XP is awarded as follows:

12th session –1980XP (total all sessions: 7830)

"More axes to grind than a dwarven smith." (common Known World saying)


I will be sending you in a private message what Earos wants to do.

The Return of the King

Perfect from pirate to knight heck yeah.

The Return of the King

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