Fury of the Immortals

The Path

Fury of the Immortals

Campaign Journal – Ambyrmont 11 1007AC

"There are no wrong turnings.  Only paths we had not known we were meant to walk," whispered Sophia to Saiku.  The little empathic dragon wrapped its tail around her shoulders like a shawl to comfort her as she stared into the asteroid cluster from the deck of Captain Mabarac's Guild Ship. 

"That is what my Teacher would say to me.  I thought he was only trying to make me feel better about what I had lost.  But, I think I know what he meant now.  We are needed here…wherever here is."  Sophia just was not sure whether it was the people of Norwold, the three kingdoms of Old Alphatia, or her new companions who more urgently required help.  She shivered a bit in the ever present cold of the void and Saiku hugged her more tightly.

"When we left for Norwold, I thought our new companions knew where they were heading.  They were confident, powerful, worldy.  Now they seem as lost as everyone else in the fleet."  Saiku wrapped her head around to look Sophia in the eyes.  Sophia could feel a sadness masked by anger welling up in her and wetness around her eyes as the little dragon communicated the feelings of the others. Sophia smiled a weak grin at Saiku, "You do not have to be empathic to know that is what they are feeling.  It is written on their faces.  It seems we have all traveled far…both in body and soul."

"The boy Niko, I hardly got to know him.  He was genuine and sweet.  His death has been hard on this small family.  He meant more to them than some let on and there has not been a proper time to mourn.  Where his path lies, only he knows.  Perhaps if we had entered the rift to the Plane of Death he could have been summoned back.  But, a soul must be willing…"

"Arwan, he tries to walk the path of peace among these three strange kingdoms, yet cannot hold his closest friends together.  The mantle of peacemaker is new to him and he does not wear it comfortably, but he is persuasive."  Sophia recalled how Arwan convinced the Admiral to hold the fleet back, even after the Gammar tried to kill him.  "I hope he can coax the Guild to embargo the three star kingdoms, so we can traverse their space and the Magic Mists without a fight."

"Eaeros is a mystery to me.  He values his friends highly, yet works against them in earnest.  At the feast of Dalton's vision he talked the drunken Admiral into sending the fleet along with the Delthan knights to attack Gammar.  On the outside he seems charming, affable, but there are secrets and sadness in him that not even his flowery perfumes can cover up.  I think this life is not all he thought it would be."

"Dalton…he is brave surely, perhaps wise with experience.  He did not hesitate to face the Wyvern alone in the mountains and drink its burning poison. All astride the back of a Hippogriff.  He earned the Delthan's lion brand under his eye. Yet, he is oddly quick to fight for the servant of a pacifist god.  He is a healer of blood and bones, but these companions will need a healer of hearts."

Sophia chuckles nervously to herself a bit before continuing.  "And what of me? Do I not have my own secrets?  If I meant to travel far from my past…I doubt I could have gotten much further."  All that had transpired, particularly the golden bearded King Leosius, his bag of magic wind, and the woman who turned men to turkeys (she could not bring herself to eat the turkey at the feast), was certainly strange Sophia thought.  Still, she felt like an outisider, never quite fitting in, wherever she was. She hoped that would change with her new companions.

"In some ways these ruins of Old Alphatia torn apart in some magical civil war does not feel very different from where we came from … kingdoms on the brink of war and behind it all the whims of selfish Immortals.  Yes, if we ever leave here, we will attempt to destroy this Alphaks.  We will succor the innocents of Norwold.  But, it worries me it will serve the ends of Vanya who gave Dalton the vision of the poison mountain and Koryis whose concern for peace in Norwold will mean Alphatia will be free to continue its war against Thyatis and Glantri.  I do not think that doing the right thing, whatever that is, will end the war at home."

"Perhaps this Guildhall of Merchants will be safer?"   Sophia was not at all surprised when the supposed meeting with the Belthar trade representative atop one of the Guild's fortress towers turned out to be an ambush.  She was glad to stand with the others against the danger of the oversized cricket-like creatures and their sharp pincers and mandibles.  If only the watery sacks of eyeballs digesting on their backs had not stunk so when ruptured.

51st, 52nd, 53rd and 54th sessions – XP10075  (total all sessions: 135,805XP)



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