Fury of the Immortals

The Once and Future? King

Fury of the Immortals

Campaign Journal –  ????

After using the mists of the Comeback Inn’s basement gate for more than just cooling ale, the party found themselves in a tricky situation.  Stepping through the gate, the party had returned to the Inn, but not as they left it.  Instead of a dusty, empty Inn that only housed a few odd corpses and abandoned jewelry, they found an Inn crowded with life.   It also appeared to no longer sit atop a rocky outcropping in the desolate, sulphurous Broken Lands.  Rather, it sat in a quaint city in a lush, hilly land under the watchful eye of black stone castle – leaving the party to wonder just where and when they were. 

They quickly learned the Inn’s residents called their land Blackmoor – a land that the party’s research had told them existed in Mystara’s distant past.   Though purportedly an ancient kingdom, the sharp, polished halberd blades they met upon exiting the gate seemed as new as their own blades.

After being disarmed by one Jallapiere and several guards, the party was interrogated by the Fetch – the “Peacekeeper of the University of Blackmoor.”  They learned that Blackmoor’s King and liberator – Uther Andahar – had recently gone missing from the Inn and that the Fetch considered the party suspects.  He doubted their protests of innocence due to the unusual nature of their arrival and the fact that Nikolaj bore the mark of the “Egg of Coot” on the palm of his left hand.  The “Egg” is apparently just one of Blackmoor’s many enemies massing forces on her borders in the absence of the King. 

However, the party managed to pass examination under the light of Ixion earning their release to the Inn’s common area and baffling the Fetch.  They are trying to find the King in the few days before Blackmoor is sacked and they along with it. 

Needless to say, the party has already made an impression on the “guests” of the Comeback Inn and learned some useful information:

  • The comely lass Alwyn revealed to Earos, after strenuous questioning, that Marfedlt the Barbarian once famously robbed the Merchant Guild of Maus.  She never did find her purse, leaving Earos to conclude she is, in fact, broke.
  • Nikolaj learned from the beady-eyed, rodent-faced Miklos that Scotty Debelfry is the master of the Thieves Guild of Maus and knows the value of a hostage.
  • Arwan met two Sellswords in the employ of said Scotty Debelfry who claimed to know naught of the King’s disappearance.

It remains to be seen if the party will recover the King in time for him to rally his forces and strike fear into Blackmoor’s vulturous enemies.  Then, they may be able to figure out if they can return to their own time and those that would miss them.

XP is awarded as follows:

10th session –700XP (total all sessions: 5450)

"Vanished like a coin in grey ooze."



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