Fury of the Immortals

The Master Strikes Back!

Fury of the Immortals

Campaign Journal – Felmont 21 1005AC

It appears the reports of The Master's death have been greatly exaggerated.  His forces occupying the desert nation of Sind crashed into Akesoli like a howling sandstorm.  Actually, their attack on Darokin's westernmost city was in fact preceded by a dark, red swirling sandstorm that concealed their advance.

The party was caught in this maelstrom while following up a lead with the "ill" Jeddarin Corran.  The illness he was suffering from turned out to be a burgeoning paranoia that he apparently developed spending time in Corran Keep and with his ancestor's diary.

Given the unholy blood altar discovered in the Keep, it may not have been surprising for the party to learn that the Keep's original occupant and owner of the Mirror Shield, Balthac the Dragonslayer, turned to worshipping the elder gods of Chaos and descended into madness in the Keep.   It is said just a glimpse of the true nature of these Old Ones can drive one out of one's mind in an instant.  Still it added a further evidence that The Broken Lands and its environs are fast becoming a hot bed of activity for those serving such "deities."

Resisting the urge to panic, the party fought through The Master's monstrous skirmishers to Akesoli's wharves.  Exhausted, wounded and pursued by cavalry, they managed to find a small rowboat that had not already been commandeered by desperate, fleeing civilians.

Rowing into Lake Amsorak, their last sight of Akesoli's walls was of the unfurling of The Master's black banners embroidered with drinking horns overflowing with burbling blood.  This now third war and The Master's encroaching forces will surely impact the party's mission from Rheddrian to uncover the source or sources of Mystara's deepening turmoil.

29th session – 4525 XP (total all sessions: 45,430)



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