Fury of the Immortals

The Knight's Watch

Fury of the Immortals

Campaign Journal – Winter, 10th year of the reign of Uther Andahar

Once free of the Comeback Inn, the party, now calling themselves The Raven’s Companions, set about to bettering themselves.  Nikolaj immersed himself in the scholarly world of the University, Earos spent time with Alwyn Morland learning the songs and legends of the Northlands and Arwan, nay, Sir Arwan, spent his time practicing sword craft with the formidable Rissa Aleford.  The usually taciturn Rissa occasionally even seems to smile at the idea that she correctly assessed the Companions' characters when she vouchsafed at the Inn.

Taking a break from self-improvement, the three also made ample plans to turn the Old North Watchtower into a bustling trading stop and defensive position.  They hope that the new town’s position alongside The Raider’s Road halfway between Blackmoor Town and Maus will make the planned for Knight’s Fall Inn an essential stop for any traveler. 

Sir Arwan and his companions will call the town Three Crowns in honor of their partnership and their mostly closely held principles.   King Uther was delighted to learn that the Companions plan to repair and reinforce the watchtower against Skandaharian pirates and the Egg’s minions, provide a guard and militia, build extensive dry docks and even build a school and amphitheater. 

As the founder of the Blackmoor University could only be a proponent of education, King Uther has decided to pay for a teacher for the Three Crown’s school out of his personal estate.  And, for making a most charitable gesture, he has named Earos the “Schoolmaster of Three Crowns.”  The King made it plain that he wishes the rest of his nobles to take lesson from Earos’ generosity.

All that remains now is for the Companions to scout the ruined fort to ensure it is safe to begin building their dream.  Verily, though the ruins of the Old North Watchtower do rest on the edge of what some northerners consider a haunted fen, such rumors are unlikely to dissuade adventurers of the Companions’ singular daring.

XP is awarded as follows:

13th session –1400XP (total all sessions: 9230)

"Corunglain wasn't built once." (Darokinian saying, refers to optimism in the face of adversity.)


I’m making my own Hogwarts.

The Knight's Watch

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