Fury of the Immortals

The Gods Must Be Crazy

Fury of the Immortals

Campaign Journal – Summer, 10th year of the reign of Uther Andahar

High atop the sun god’s cathedral in Maushold, Niko, Fil, Baik and their new companion Ondres caught a purported glimpse of the City of Gods … that same city that is professed to lie south of Blackmoor in the Valley of the Ancients.  That hint of the rumored City was caught through a portal opened by Karis, a wild mage with the ability to manipulate the Wyrd, and husband to Den-el Svarga – the “Tormentor.”  That brief view of its spires suggests the City does indeed exist.

The portal was part of Svarga’s plan to transport Karis to the City of the Gods in hopes that they could end her catatonic state.  She had been convalescing as a “guest” in Maushold ever since she was struck down by Robert the Bald during the Vestfold wizards’ rebellion.  In the intervening years, the priests of the sanitarium made little progress in relieving her condition.  The storm of wild magic brewing around Maus was a sign to Svarga of some small return to consciousness by Karis, though not enough for her to apply her powers and control it.

Prevented from blackmailing Lady Nidris into giving him ships by kidnapping her son, Svarga hoped his powers of mental manipulation might allow him to direct whatever existed of Karis’ mind to transport them more directly to the City via the storm.  Apparently, his alliance with the Egg’s fire cultists was one of convenience – muscle he could use to his ends.  

It was not learned why he thought the gods could help Karis or where he obtained the steel “lightning staff,” but it is clear he believed in their power.   With the death of the two Cabal wizards, the storm cleared and some normalcy returned to Maus, though the “Night of Madness” will be spoken of across the Northland’s for many years to come.

Before journeying back to Three Crowns, Filandriel made the most of the wine dens of Maus while Nikolaj spent time studying with Jal – who was most pleased to learn of the demise of the two rebellious wizards and the recovery of an artifact of the Gods.  Jal also disclosed that during the Night of Madness the son of the Baron of Maus apparently murdered his father the Baron and then fled into the fens.  Last, but not least, Niko, Fil, Baik, Ondres and Noctis were rewarded 2000GP each as a reward from the Mayor of Maus.  

Life at Three Crowns continues much as before Niko and Fil left for Maus and its people are eagerly awaiting the first harvests.  Arwan and Earos have been dutifully studying oration and healing.  Though there are the matters of the disappearance of the Baron of Glendower, the murder of the Baron of Maus, the ongoing tragedy at Bloodstone, and the City of the Gods, it appears the Companions have settled nicely into a domesticated routine.  Only time will tell if such bliss will be interrupted.

21st session –5875XP (total all sessions: 25,655)

"When it's sunny in Niflheim." (Northern proverb, meaning that it will never happen.)



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