Fury of the Immortals

The Double Double Cross

Fury of the Immortals

Campaign Journal – Winter, 10th year of the reign of Uther Andahar

When Niko called on Arwan to “put down” the Egg’s scaly-faced lieutenant Marquiless, the party added another double cross to a string of subterfuges that stretched from Sizen’s original lie in Three Crowns, to the ambush in Hap, to Phoedele’s betrayal of Barcero, to the party’s present circumstances.  Clearly, a deeper mystery hangs about these events like the webs that drape the elven ruins of Uvaeren where the party hopes to uncover the Vault of Song.

Likely, Uvaeren will reveal more mysteries before the Companions track down Phoedele or find their doom within.  Already, Niko, Arwan and Filandriel found themselves in mortal danger when spindly, spider-like humanoids wielding as many fast blades as their four arms dropped upon them from the dark, upper reaches of a collapsed, ruined hall.  Were it not for the Egg’s glow-eyed, mutated minions taking the brunt of the assault, the Companions might have ended up as cocoons suspended from the wall like one of Phoedele’s unlucky mercenaries.

As such, Niko’s earlier decision to infiltrate the Egg’s minions, rather than confront them at the cabin in the woods, may have saved his and his friends’ lives.  It remains to be seen whether the search for the Vault will require further life and death decisions.

Earos found he had to make a life and death decision while travelling apart from the rest of the party.  Reaching the western turn of the Champion River he fell from his horse mid-crossing.  It is difficult to say whether the icy water or the carnage on the south side of the river caused the chill that gripped his core.

Leaving the scene of torn men and women and pushing westward, Earos discovered a group of whole men, women and children – though hungry, tired, exhausted and nearing the end of a long journey from Bloodstone.  Some were nearer their journey’s end than others…

Their tale of woe and strange murders in Bloodstone was pierced by a bloodcurdling howl which forced Earos to decide whether he would rush to save the mass of refugees or a woman and children.  Ultimately, it was no decision and Earos fought two, massive, white-furred wolves to a standstill barely surviving.  The few refugees that survived the lupine attack will eventually carry on to join the community of Three Crowns.

Mayhap only Ixion’s light is powerful enough to illuminate the dark corners of these enigmas born in the 10th winter of Uther Andahar’s reign.

17th session –1400XP (total all sessions: 14,300)

It's like trading with Minrothaddans." (Common: Fighting an uphill battle.)


Earos: “Yes children there is plenty of food and water, I even have some candy. Yes, its fine to sleep in here and if you want you can sleep in this tent with your momma.” Ripped and bleeding he magically cleaned the body and armor. Tired beaten to an inch of his life he the Bardic Dwarf moved making the refugees as comfortable as possible as he use his bag as a pillow and his slightly ripped jacket as a blanket.

The Double Double Cross

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