Fury of the Immortals

On the Road Again

Fury of the Immortals

Campaign Journal – Summer, 10th year of the reign of Uther Andahar

In truth, the road to Maus is little more than a wet, spongy track twisting through endless fens.  The cloying mud creeping up the bank of the Raider’s “Road” pulls at the legs of horses and heavily spatters travelers’ cloaks.  The dense canopy of birch and white oak trees allows in little of the warm summer sun to dry your clothes.

The four and a half days of rough, damp travel does not seem to perturb monkish Jallapiere.  He seems content to sit on a wet stump or log each twilight next to a fire of rank, smoldering grass and talk while you attempt to knock weevils out of your moist hard tack.   

Jal seems disturbed that the destruction of Blackmoor appears to have come to pass – given the nature of The Broken Lands in your own time. He wonders aloud whether the Halfing’s misgivings about the University have any merit?  He says “surely the Hin will point to the destruction of Uvaeren by an apparent act of the gods as a warning to those who seek to learn the secrets of the Spheres of Power.  They certainly are sticklers for tradition.”  Still, he has a hard time imagining how working to bring the races together and improve their lot through advancing the University (“even the Orcs!”) could be anything but the gods’ plan for mortals. 

He also entrusts to you that he believes that the star that destroyed Uvaeren might have something to do with the Wyrd.  He believes it is not a coincidence that the areas where the star crashed have concentrations of the smooth, starry black stones that appear to influence wild magic.  Odd too that the Wyrd still seems to affect magic in your time based on your tales of spells going awry, strange magical storms, extraplanar monsters and portals and objects that seem to bend time, space and magic.  “Perhaps its source has outlived Blackmoor!”

He also posits that it cannot be a good sign that creatures in your time bearing the mark of the Egg were sniffing around the Mirror Shield and Fire Opal Eye.  He frowns, “They can mean no good if they seek a portal to your time and world.  Perhaps you should heed the doomsayer’s from your own time.”

He remarks again that the Raven’s Companions did a great deed by keeping the Cabal of Wizards out of Uvaeren.  “The Cabal’s obsession with the purity of magic and taming the Wyrd has driven them mad.  They say the University’s science will destroy magic, but if they can ever bend the Wyrd to their ends that will surely unbalance the Spheres and bring catastrophe – it is too much power.”

He says once you arrive in Maus, you should seek out a merchant – a Lady Nidris Sala – Skandaharian in origin – who owns several ships and is suspected of being engaged in the elicit flesh trade.  She can often be found at day’s end in the Moonstone Mask.  Jal says he will be making use of his divining tools to see if he can learn any information while you investigate.

He hopes that the dark clouds that appear to be gathering on the outskirts of Maus as you approach do not interfere with your investigation.

He also appears to avoid the topic of his dual prophecy out of politeness…

19th session –2500XP (total all sessions: 18,100)

“Blue ones are at it again.” (Ylari/Sindian; lighting is associated with blue dragons mating or battling)



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