Fury of the Immortals

Land of the Lost

Fury of the Immortals

Campaign Journal – Winter, 10th year of the reign of Uther Andahar

Few legends or stories are known about the lost civilization of Uvaeren. Those that are told tend to focus on a central theme – the irony that the elves who were so enamored of all things astronomical were destroyed by a celestial body that plummeted from the sky.  As recounted to the party by the sad vision of Chomylla, a silvery "star" burned Uvaeranni forests and destroyed their cities before carving out the Valley of the Ancients, wherein lies the fabled City of the Gods.

It is sung that the Uvaeranni strove too far in their knowledge of the heavens and air magics – that they nearly rivaled the gods themselves.  The gods, being jealous, especially the sun, smote them down for their impertinence and to restore balance to the Spheres of Power.

The accurate star map ceilings, astrological puzzles, moon arches and glowing sun motifs deep within the Uvaeranni ruins ably demonstrated to the party the elves’ deep knowledge of the firmament.  Such artistry might be expected from that vanished civilization.

What the Companions likely did not expect to find under the forest floor were Guard Drakes magically hidden within stone columns – their surprise attack nearly rent Arwan limb from limb. They also may not have expected that the Death's Head mercenaries also secreted within that room would prove deadly accurate with their crossbows.  And, of course no one expected when retreating to the chamber of the astrological elven maids that they were being tracked by some sort of "clockwork hunstman" in the employ of the Egg and his deformed cultists. 

Only the timely reunion of Earos with the Companions likely saved them all.  As they rest with the exploded shell of their mechanical pursuer, the Companions must know that they will need to re-enter the dim, starlit chamber of the Drakes and once again play cat and mouse with the Death’s Head mercenaries.

If they do find their object – the Vault of Song -, it is not yet certain whether the Companions will seek to understand the lost sciences of the Uvaeranni and tempt the wrath of the gods or the corruption that can come with knowing too much.

Earos earned an Inspiration for shaming Constable Gherrin of Peldan’s Helm.

18th session –1300XP (total all sessions: 15,600)

“Two things are infinite: the universe and the arrogance of mortals.” (Maco Bolgee; Halfing Philosopher)



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