Fury of the Immortals

Go Fetch!

Fury of the Immortals

Campaign Journal – ????

With smoke rising from the outlying villages of Blackmoor, it became clear to all in the Inn that the need to locate King Uther was imminent and that everyone’s’ lives hung in the balance.  It appeared it would be no more than a day or two before the Egg or Iron Duke’s forces laid waste to all in their path.

In such dire circumstances, the party naturally turned to drinking, arm wrestling, brawling with other guests, seducing other guests and re-arranging other guests’ possessions.   

Along the way, they did pick up on the juicy gossip that some within Blackmoor (particularly Timothy Curlytop the halfling) believe that the University and its “science” will lead Blackmoorians away from Ixion and risk the sun god’s ire.  Barnabas the Wanderer interjected that Uther’s obsession with finding the great, silver City of the Gods and using the University to copy its magics were blinding him to this folly.

Despite these diversions, the party somehow convinced Lola the songstress’ manager – Dubonino – that they were eager to make their exit.  He then admitted to them that he had a “helper” that could get them all out of the Inn through the Gate.  All Dubonino requires of the party is to “take care of” some guards along the way. 

Instead of using this information for their own gain, they reported it promptly to The Fetch.  The Fetch believed that someone who could readily move through the Gate to an intended destination (which he had not previously thought possible) might very well have abducted the King using the same means. 

As such, he readily agreed the party should go along with Dubonino’s plan and offered them two potions to aid them.   He bade them not tell anyone lest they tip him off.

Not knowing what lies on the other side of the Gate – the party will need to rest and prepare for their excursion.  Certainly, they will have an easier time relaxing than Marfeldt the Barbarian, who is currently being “questioned” in the matter of being in possession of a soul stealing lute.

Earos earned an Inspiration for sneakily framing Marfeldt the Barbarian in an act of petty revenge and convincing the master thief Scotty Debelfry that he is a prophet.

XP is awarded as follows:

11th session –400XP (total all sessions: 5850)

"Dodgy as the displacer beast." (common Known World saying)




Excellent session wrap up as always Lawrence.

Go Fetch!

Earos stealer of hearts and master tactician- who we kidding, he lives in the moment.

By the way, Earos needs the name of all 3 of the woman he questioned.

Go Fetch!

Hah…just figured out how to leave a comment. The ladies in question were Alwyn Morland, Ruda Malefor and Lola Dafin – in that order. We all know how that last one turned out.

Go Fetch!

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