Fury of the Immortals

Fortune Favored the Bold

Fury of the Immortals

Campaign Journal – Fall, 10th year of the reign of Uther Andahar

As the cool, crisp air of autumn caught up and overtook the warm breezes of summer in Three Crowns, so too did the Raven’s Companions past visit upon them.  It appeared in the guise of hunched, cloaked figure in a beaked mask with glassy eyes born aloft in a thorny palanquin.  It brought tidings as noxious as the fumes emitted from the censor atop its staff.  The creature arrived to the shores of Three Crowns aboard a “plague ship” … a galley flying a black sail, fitted for battle and transporting a war party of hungry looking Gnolls.

Three bells rang for the militia to muster and Arwan strode forth to bravely parlay with the Egg’s ambassador. In a muted, tinny voice, it demanded the Key to the Vault of Song – the Diamond Staff.  Arwan agreed to trade the Staff for the Baron of Glendower and his bride.  The ambassador gave Three Crowns 30 days before he returned in force to collect the Staff or destroy the village.

The party flew into action – Eaeros preparing the villagers for a long march to safety in Blackmoor Town, Niko sending riders to allies in Maus and the Elf Wood and Arwan organizing the village’s military defense and developing a bold plan to rescue the Baron, destroy the Egg’s forces and end the threat to Three Crowns.

When Ondres failed to return with information on the plague ship’s direction (after quickly turning into a shark to pursue it) the party set out in their new sailing boat to catch up with Eaeros in Blackmoor Town. 

Eaeros provided the key information with launched the rest of the Companions against the keep of Coot’s Watch.  Infiltrating the Baron’s former, crumbling fortress, they eagerly led the King’s soldiers against the mangy Gnolls inside capturing their bandit leader.  Thinking the battle won, they then learned that the keep held a deeper, darker secret below.

An unknown entity living beyond the Prime Material Plane saw fit to reveal to Niko the magical password that would permit the party to enter the cultists’ hideout underneath the stairs. They descended into the gloom with a peculiarly single-minded companion newly unshackled from the galley’s rowing benches.  Below the keep they defeated the ironically named Lareth the Beautiful- who was little more than a collection of fungal spores – and his thugs.

Niko then lost himself in the darkness of the Scroll of Final Words, learning that the cultists aim was to use three evil artifacts, of which the Scroll was one, to free Abholos the Infinite Blight from his prison.  A map and some notes in the room suggested this event would take place in a temple to Chaos situated amongst a swamp and some caves on the Egg’s island. 

The party soon set sail in their new galley in hopes of thwarting this threat, rescuing the Baron and dashing any planned invasion of Three Crowns.

22nd session –3000 XP (total all sessions: 28,655)



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