Fury of the Immortals

Cloaker & Dagger

Fury of the Immortals

Campaign Journal – Winter, 10th year of the reign of Uther Andahar

Finalizing their plans for Three Crowns, the Raven’s Companions rode forth from Blackmoor town into the snow and mud of The Raider’s Road.  They encountered little on their four-day journey save biting wind, flurries and one disheveled, filth encrusted traveler who pointed them to the Old North Watchtower.  Of course, he warned them they were seeking their dooms. 

Arriving shortly after dark at seaside, a friendly fisherman named Kibar poked his head and lantern out of his small cottage to offer the Companions assistance.  He laughed off the suggestion that the ruined tower was haunted – prematurely it seems, as a low, mournful, moan from the tower sent the Companions fleeing in panic.

After they collected themselves, Niko and Arwan crept into the basement of the tower where they discovered a strange diagram on the floor and a recently burned black candle.  Almost as soon as they entered the room a black, fleshy manta-like creature swept down on Arwan from the ceiling engulfing him.

Arwan was in serious danger struggling for breath and being bitten.  His friends heroically managed to free him from the creature to which Arwan administered the final killing blow.  As the battle came to an end, Filandriel snagged a young man fleeing the second floor of the tower.

He told the party he was Sizen, apprentice to Sildonis, Wizard of the Wood and friend to elves.  He apologized for an attempted summoning gone awry.  Earos put the young man to work helping to build Three Crowns as the planned building of the town was soon underway.  A few days later he was permitted to finish delivering his master’s messages to Maus.

Five weeks later, after the final stone was laid in Three Crowns and the Companion’s officially dedicated the town, the party rode off in search of Sildonis at the village of Hap in the south of the Elf Wood.  Baik Telor was left to tend to their flock. 

They found it odd when they arrived that a young, blonde haired boy named Drindol, not a young dark haired boy named Sizen, served as Sildonis’ apprentice.  They did not have long to ponder whether the summoning was really an accident before the town smith burst into the inn  to announce that Orcs and wolves were attacking Hap!

XP is awarded as follows:

14th session –1300XP (total all sessions: 10530)

“Trust No One and Keep Your Dagger Handy" (When discussing the Thyatian Senate)



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