Fury of the Immortals

Back to the Future

Fury of the Immortals

Campaign Journal – Felmont 11 1005AC

While the party only sought Rissa Alford in the Frog Temple’s lower dungeon, they stumbled upon the first of many surprises.  Amongst the bedraggled prisoners mumbling their thanks in one deep cell, they found a familiar figure with a slight greenish tint to his skin – Rheddrian!

The freed prisoner was unmistakably the man who had been trapped in the Mirror Shield.   Shockingly, the party’s previous encounter with him was some number of miles and 5000 years distant.  But, the many questions for Rheddrian and his cellmate Rafiel would have to wait until the Companions were clear of the Temple and the Swamp.

Their escape held several more shocks: Baik cowing a squad of Temple guards by sheer force of will, Ruda, Veslo and Miklos arriving at the compound dock with several swamp barges to ferry escapees, and a Saint blasting away at them with a magical cannon.  Only Eaeros heroically diving in front of one the barrages of radiant energy saved Rissa’s life.

Also unexpected were the numerous offers the party received for the Saint’s magics they pilfered from the Temple.  To Arwan's credit, he turned down thousands in gold from Miklos’ mysterious friends and The Fetch only to turn a few of the unusual items over to Rheddrian for safekeeping.

Rheddrian’s most astonishing revelation was that he arrived from across the stars – some accident bringing his ship crashing to Mystara’s surface.   Sometime he was awoken by St. Stephen and his mutineers.  They murdered many of Rheddrian’s crewmates, took him captive and disappeared into the Great Dismal Swamp.  According to Rissa, it appears St. Stephen was building an army to raid the City of the Gods.

Not surprising was the heroes’ welcome the Raven’s Companions received upon their return to Blackmoor. The King was grateful for the immense service he did them and offered them great rewards.  He also tried to convince them to join an expedition to the City of the Gods where the reward might be incalculable.  This time it was the Companion’s opportunity to amaze all when they remained firm on returning to their own time.

Jalapiere, who was to return the party through the Comeback Inn’s misty portal, was startled to find that Eaeros wore his stolen Brooch of Shielding.  Only after great cajoling did Eaeros agree to return the purloined item to its rightful owner.  Upon returning to the future, Jal was devastated to find that, at least 5000 years in the future, Blackmoor was indeed no more.  It was the only time the monkish diviner had displayed emotion in front of the Companions.

The final wonder for the Companions was learning that their world (well, their world a handful of years further in the future than when they left) was at war.  A timely intervention by an armed and armored stranger saved Filandriel’s life when a trio of Wyverns dove upon them as they stopped to assist a stranded Traveler.  Apparently, the summoning of such beasts may be a stratagem employed by Alphatian wizards seeking to inflict long range harm on Glantri in the war's opening gambit.

As a side note, before leaving Blackmoor, the Companions did travel to the dead wizard’s tower to see if  any trace of Alywn Morland could be found.   In fact, she was found whole if not exhausted and wounded hiding in the tower.  Apparently, playing her lute, charmed the beast that emerged from the tunnel wall, possessed Marfeldt's body and carried her own prostrate form out of the trap.  She had since been trapped trying to find a way out…until the Companions appeared and saved her!

28th session –3250 XP (total all sessions: 40,905)



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