Fury of the Immortals

A Lyin' in the Sand

Fury of the Immortals

Campaign Journal – Summer, 10th year of the reign of Uther Andahar

The party’s experience in the city of Maus has been certainly more eventful than the trip through the swamp to reach it.  It is difficult to say what has been more alarming – the sacking of their mark Lady Sala Nidris’ home, the kidnapping of her son Zan, the fierce battle on the beach that nearly cost two of the party their lives, the transformation of the Raven’s Companions from a figurative to a literal moniker, the disappearing man in the devil mask, or the storm that is eerily like the tempest that swallowed the Calypso in The Broken Lands.

These trials leave Niko with much to ponder as Lady Nidris’ armored coach rattles over Maus’ cobblestone streets on the way back to her house.  Her young son Zan babbles on about “the Tormenter” and stares blankly at the roof.  Clearly, the devil-masked man had been working some kind of mind magic on Zan when the party interrupted him.  His mother pets his hair and stares out at the rain. 

Arriving, it appears the Lady’s servants have begun to clean up the broken glass and furniture in her house.  The Lady also sends Tulzu to call upon on a priestess of Freya known to her.  The priestess tends to the most badly wounded members of the party.  She is able to rouse Ondres and Noctis.

“The ‘Tormenter’ is still out there…a danger.  He hurt my son and I expect he’ll hurt others,” says the Lady quietly.  “If there are fire cultists here in Maus, then they must be stopped at all costs.  If you head back down to the docks maybe a shop owner or a patron of the Beached Leviathan saw something that could help you track him down.  He couldn’t have gotten far.  I’ll see to it that the Mayor offers a reward.”

Tulzu warns that you will need oilskins if you head back out into the rain.  He also warns to be on the lookout for people acting strange.  On his travel back from the priestess’ he saw a man crawling along the street stones on all fours barking at passersby like a hound.  “He tried to bite the priestess on the ankle before I gave him a swat.”  He swears he also saw two men trying to carry away a goat to the head of which they had affixed a great, pink bonnet.  “The King’s soldiers busy indeed…”

At that moment, you hear what sounds like the mewing of a cat and a scuffle out in the street …

20th session –1680XP (total all sessions: 19,780)

"Down the mushroom road." (Dwarven, refers to delirium tremens from mushroom moonshine)



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